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Discount Power

The Discount Power team includes veterans of the retail electric industry who have been active in the business since the beginning of deregulation in Texas in 2002. Our management team members were responsible for the creation and growth of one of Texas’s largest private retail electric providers. We have witnessed first-hand the development of the market in Texas and have served hundreds of thousands of satisfied residential and commercial customers over the years. Our team has expertise in all elements of the business - especially in understanding and fulfilling our customers’ needs and providing best in class quality of service.

Source: Discount Power

Southwest Power and Light

Southwest Power and Light offers Texas-Smart energy plans that deliver value built on integrity. Serving both residential and commercial customers throughout the State of Texas, we make the process of choosing an electricity plan that is right for you, simple and easy to understand - just how you like it. 
Being Texan still means something to us! And in the over-crowded herd of Retail Electricity Providers, Southwest Power and Light is the one you can rely on to provide reliable service and low-cost electricity. 

Source: Southwest Power and Light

Bounce Energy

About Bounce Energy
Bounce Energy is a Texas based energy company that is committed to bringing value to our customers in the form of innovative plans and products, competitive pricing, guaranteed customer satisfaction, superior customer rewards, and reliable service.

Innovative Plans and Products
Bounce Energy provides you with many services and plans that are customizable for you and your needs. We go above and beyond to offer additional products and services to benefit our customers.

Competitive Pricing
Bounce Energy promises to provide competitive pricing and value.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction
If you ever need assistance, know that Bounce Energy Representatives are located right here in Texas to serve you. Additionally, you can always visit www.BounceEnergy.com to view your account online 24/7.

Superior Customer Rewards
Bounce Energy wants to thank our customers by providing customer rewards including unique promotions, the ability to earn airline miles, and additional discounts. Reliable Service - Bounce Energy sells reliable power and is licensed by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) - Certificate No. 10162.

Source: Bounce Energy

Veteran Energy

Our Mission
To positively impact the lives of veteran and active-duty military personnel across the United States with “The Power to Give Back”™ program. We provide unparalleled service and value in the energy products we provide through a company standard of excellence, integrity, dedication and trust.
Trust, Experience and Leadership – THE POWER OF A VETERAN
You can rely on the integrity, strength and ability of Veteran Energy to provide superior rates, products, customer service and “The Power to Give Back.” Veteran Energy was the first certified 100% veteran- owned retail electric provider in Texas. It began in 2010, when energy executive and U.S. military veteran Kevin Barber determined he could do more for America’s veterans, active-duty military personnel, and their families. A portion of our profits goes to these families through community-level veteran and active-duty military service organizations.
Veteran Energy provides customers the ability to impact veteran and active-duty military communities with competitive electricity rates, superior customer service, transparency and simplicity of transactions. We make it personal at Veteran Energy. We care about every call, every letter, every message, every event, every meeting and every word. Every experience you have with Veteran Energy is as important to us as it is to you. It is our passion and mission to provide a superior customer service experience for all of our customers.  Veteran Energy’s customer service team is based in the United States.
One of the driving factors in founding a retail energy business is the “The Power to Give Back,” and we have committed to donate to, advocate for, and promote community-level veteran and active-duty military service causes. Veteran Energy employees are very active in the community and donate their time and energy to events throughout the year. Please follow us on our social media sites and the news section of the Veteran Energy website.
“The Power to Give Back” is a vision, mission and commitment we strive for each day!

Source: Veteran Energy

YEP Energy

YEP Energy is your straightforward, no hassle choice in electricity providers. 
Switching is easy, and our rate plans are designed to bring you the best value possible without sacrificing service excellence. Our fanatical customer service department would like the opportunity to exceed your expectations today!
You should expect more from your energy company than a monthly bill. Check our rates and experience the difference for yourself. 
YEP Energy is Your Electricity Provider or at least we'd like to be!

Source: YEP Energy

Infinite Energy

Infinite Energy is an innovative supplier of retail and wholesale energy. We provide natural gas and electricity in Texas and natural gas in Florida, Georgia, New York and New Jersey.
Established in 1994, Infinite Energy has grown into one of Florida's largest privately owned companies and was recognized as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work for in Florida in 2009, 2010 and 2011.
We offer more options than other suppliers so that your energy plan can reflect your energy goals. Infinite Energy serves all customers, from residential to commercial to industrial.

Source: Infinite Energy

Volterra Energy

Volterra Energy is a retail electricity provider that focuses on delivering electricity “with a heart” to residential and commercial customers. Volterra Energy prides itself on providing customers with a product that allows them to give back to their community while receiving the best customer service possible. Volterra does more than keep the lights on. Our missions is to make lives of others brighter.

Source: Volterra Energy

Amigo Energy

Founded in 2003, Amigo Energy is one of Texas’ oldest electric retailers. We have provided hundreds of thousands of Texans with great electricity rates and top-shelf service, and our continued growth is proof of our dedication to excellence. It is our philosophy to treat our customers with respect, and we offer straight talk and simple advice about your energy choices. So don't wait – join the hundreds of thousands of customers who count on Amigo Energy for their electricity needs. Amigo Energy is a subsidiary of Just Energy Group Inc., a publicly traded company (TSX:JE) with 1.8 million active customers across North America.

Source: Amigo Energy

Texpo Energy

Who We Are
Headquartered in Houston, our buying power and experience enables us to provide its customers with some of the most competitive rates in Texas, and Texpo Energy's commitment to quality demands it to provide the best customer experience available. 
Management Overview 
Texpo Energy is a private, non-affiliated Retail Electric Provider ("REP") in Texas, founded by highly experienced energy executives with more than 150 years of combined experience in the electricity, natural gas, and related industries.Texpo Energy team members have worked in deregulated markets all over North America, including many international markets, and have worked in Texas' restructured markets since the inception of deregulation in January 2002. Experience is Texpo Energy's most valuable asset.Texpo Energy wants the opportunity to gain your business and will work tirelessly to serve you as a Texpo customer.
Customer Service that Serves You
Texpo Energy maintains an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau and was recently awarded the BBB Gold Star for 2011. Texpo Energy utilizes a Customer Service Plan that draws on best practices for all service industries and uses the most advanced electronic tools. Texpo Energy's friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is well trained and come from diverse, multi-cultural backgrounds. Representatives are able to speak multiple languages including Spanish and Korean to better serve you. Customer feedback is openly and actively solicited. Texpo Energy relies on you to tell us what is working (or not working), so that Texpo can refine and perfect its process. 
Vision and Values 
Texpo Energy was founded with clarity in vision and an uncompromising value system. Everyone within the organization is committed to following these fundamental guiding principles when working with customers, partners, and affiliates.

Texpo Energy, Expect More!

Source: Texpo Energy

V247 Power


At V247 Power Corporation, we pledge to provide the highest quality of customer service as we strive to gain the respect and trust of our customers, suppliers, and vendors. V247 Power Corporation’s employees and customers are direct partners in our success. Our team of professionals provides the care and attention to every customer’s interests, placing our customers’ priorities at the top.


Our business Strategy is to use the most advance technology available to its maximum potential in order to better serve our customers and business partners. In return this will allow us to be more productive, effective and efficient which allows V247 Power Corporation to pass the savings on to our customers and allow the company to have the competitive edge over other competitors.V247 Power Corporation has an experienced team with over 40 years of combined experience in the retail/wholesale energy industry.


Our Goal is to learn, educate, and develop all of V247’s employees to be knowledgeable about the product and services we provide to our customers. This will allow our customers to make the right and best decisions.

We VALUE our customers, employees and vendors which plays an important role in our success. By listening, learning and providing feedback WE WORK TOGETHER AS A TEAM to bring creative ideas and innovations into V247’s Environment

Source: V247 Power

TriEagle Energy

We work every day to be the most respected Retail Energy Provider for business and industry because we deliver for our customers: Value through energy cost savings made possible by our experience and creativity. Trust through understanding your electric energy needs and providing customized solutions and products. Stability through a locally-owned and financially-sound company partnered with other industry leaders.

We are a low-cost/high-value electricity provider through ready access to capital and stringent cost controls. As a closely held company, we answer to our customers, not to Wall Street analysts. We focus on what is important in today's competitive retail market: solid liquidity to meet our ongoing operational and capital requirements. Unlike the publicly traded Retail Electric Providers whose focus tends to be on short-term quarterly earnings, TriEagle has taken a long-term view of the marketplace and is uniquely positioned to deliver outstanding services to customers. 

Source: TriEagle Energy

Champion Energy

Champion Energy provides exceptional customer care and competitive residential electricity rates.  As one of the nation’s fastest growing electricity providers, Champion Energy provides residential service in Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Ohio. Champion Energy has received recognition by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and ranks “Highest in Residential Customer Satisfaction with Retail Electric Service in Texas” by J. D. Power. Whether you are looking for a low fixed electricity rate, renewable energy, or automatic payment options Champion Energy has the right plan for you.  And with 24/7 customer care based in Texas, fixed rate plans without hidden fees and a robust referral program, Champion Energy is sure to satisfy you. Switch to Champion Energy today, and be glad you did.

For more information on J.D Power: https://www.championenergyservices.com/jdpabroker.html

Source: Champion Energy

StarTex Power

Our goal is to treat our employees, customers and investors with the utmost respect by creating an innovative workplace that...
  • Fosters employee decision making and establishes an environment where employees value themselves, their coworkers and our customers.
  • Allows our customers to receive competitive pricing and timely, accurate and proactive customer service.
  • Allows our investors to earn exceptional returns on their investment while being proud of their Company's community reputation and its treatment of employees.
If you have questions for us, please reach us at 855-798-0823 OR 855-797-8444

Source: StarTex Power

Tara Energy

Tara Energy launched in 2002, and since then has grown rapidly in the Texas electricity market. The success and growth are results of delivering competitive prices to customers and by providing service with honesty, integrity and respect by placing the needs of customers first while energizing the communities through active engagements.
Tara Energy has served as a leading provider of electricity to hundreds of thousands of residential and commercial customers in Texas. Tara Energy is a subsidiary of Just Energy Group Inc., a publicly traded company (TSX:JE) with 1.8 million active customers across North America with our affiliate companies.

Source: Tara Energy

Direct Energy

Every day across North America, more than six million residential, business and services customers turn to Direct Energy for their electricity and natural gas, home energy services, energy efficient solutions and more.
At Direct Energy, we source, generate, trade, service and supply energy to meet your current and future energy needs. We use our energy expertise to make a positive difference in people's lives.
Our family of brands works together to save you time, effort and money. Their unique capabilities make it possible for us to provide electricity, natural gas and other energy services to more than 13 million residential homes and businesses across North America. Together, these organizations work hand-in-hand, creating a complete energy package that spans from the actual energy resource to the on-switch in your home. We find the energy, generate it, process it, hold it, trade it and make sure it's available for you. It goes further than that, too. Our commitment to your energy includes servicing and maintaining the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning as well as your plumbing and electric lines. It's all part of our promise to make the energy you use both simple and direct.

We are Direct Energy.

Source: Direct Energy

First Choice Power

It takes a special electricity company to address the needs of Texans and Texas communities at the level they deserve. As a resident of Lone Star State, you have a competitive nature, look for long-term reliability in the products you buy, and good manners when interacting with others. Here at First Choice Power, we take all those things to heart and deliver them to you in all of our business practices. We offer our customers a range of electricity plans with competitive prices designed to meet the needs of your Texas home or business. Our company was founded in Texas, and we're here to stay, so you can always rely on us and the high quality of the customer service you receive.

Inquiries: (888) 455 - 7994

Source: First Choice Power

Gexa Energy

As one of the fastest growing retail electricity providers in the nation, Gexa Energy has a proven track record of growing its business and providing value to customers. NextEra Energy Resources is primarily a competitive wholesale power generator. NextEra Energy Resources is the largest generator of renewable energy from the wind and sun in North America. NextEra Energy Resources has nearly 70 wind facilities in operation in 16 states and Canada, including 11 in Texas, producing more than 6,700 megawatts of electricity, or enough power for more than 1.6 million average homes. The company co-owns and operates the largest solar field in the world in California’s Mojave Desert. Gexa Energy offers NextEra Energy’s wind power and other renewable energy to serve customers throughout Texas. Gexa Green is a product supplied from 100% Texas wind energy. 

Gexa Energy is a subsidiary of NextEra Energy, Inc. (NYSE: NEE). NextEra Energy, Inc. is one of the nation’s leading clean energy providers. NextEra Energy, Inc.’s proven resources provide Gexa Energy the opportunity to continue its rapid growth across Texas and the nation, and expand its ability to provide additional offerings to customers.

Source: Gexa Energy

Frontier Utilities

Frontier Utilities is dedicated to providing honest, innovative electricity solutions to lower your energy cost. We offer flexible pricing plans for every lifestyle and outstanding customer support to ensure you receive the best electricity service possible.
Our plans are a unique solution for budget savvy consumers, eco-conscious energy conservers, or people just looking for a great rate on their electricity service. We're continually providing additional products to make life easier for our customers.
When we say no hassles and no tricks, we mean it. We don't hide clauses in our contracts and we won't entice customers by showing artificially low prices that are filled with hidden fees.

Source: Frontier Utilities

Power Express

The Power Express team realizes you have a choice when selecting your energy provider. We are committed to providing premier customer service and a simple, low cost energy rate. 

Switching energy providers can sometimes be a traumatic experience. A lot of companies make unsubstantiated claims of great customer service with many hidden fees and usage charges. At Power Express, we guarantee to:

1. Be completely transparent about our prices.
2. Have timely, accurate and seamless problem resolution within (2) business days.
3. Treat every customer with respect and integrity. 
We feel so strongly about our service and treating customers with respect, that we will give you a $30 Visa Gift Card if we fail to abide by any of our three guarantees.

Source: Power Express

American Light and Power

With headquarters in Houston, Texas, American Light & Power is proud to be the electric supplier of choice to residential and commercial customers across this great state since 2007.
We believe deregulation in Texas has been and will continue to be a success. With the freedom to choose, American Light & Power wants to be your electricity provider. We can save you money every month, whether you're running the air conditioner around the clock in the summer, or powering your holiday displays in the winter. We know low energy rates are at the top of your list when choosing an electricity provider and we offer a wide range of plans from short term to long term to meet your low cost electricity needs.
Your interest remains at the top of our list, from competitive electricity rates and plan options, to reliable and easy to understand electricity bills, to friendly customer service. We work hard to build long lasting relationships with each and every one.
We are committed to providing you and your family with the best service possible, so choose American Light & Power as your electricity provider today!

Source: American Light and Power

Shyne Energy

As a family-owned and operated business, we are proud to be the retail electric provider of choice for many fellow Texans. Shyne Energy was founded by:

  • Michele Luccirelli de Gomez and Genaro Gomez
  • Marilyn and Donny “Tug” Goodwin

to meet electricity needs in a new way – clear and simple, and for how we live today – connected. Our company home is in Houston and we are here to serve our  great state of Texas.

At Shyne Energy, we offer simple energy solutions for your home and business – free from hidden fees, with true fixed rates, and no deceptive or complicated terms.

Through innovation and efficiency, we meet your energy needs that translate into SAVINGS for you, our valued customer. Proudly, we offer you personal service and support – a level of concierge service not found today.

Our promise to you:

  • True fixed rates
  • No hidden fees
  • Custom contract terms
  • Personal customer service


Source: Shyne Energy

Summer Energy

At Summer Energy, we are committed to delivering first class customer service, innovative solutions, and competitive pricing. We have a dedicated team of professionals who understand your needs and strive to exceed your expectations. . Our competitive prices will make you want to switch. Our top notch customer service will make you want to stay.  

Our convenient Customer Service hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM CST and Saturdays 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM CST (888) 594-9299.

Source: Summer Energy

Pioneer Energy

Pioneer Energy is a licensed retail electricity provider to customers for their homes and small businesses. Pioneer Energy has a talented team of industry experts behind it to create powerful electricity solutions for customers.

With more than 25 years of industry experience, it is our goal to use our management and technical expertise to provide unbeatable electricity savings and solutions. We believe that our customers can benefit from our electricity services. Let us show you why we are the premier electricity choice for Texas. Energy should be simple and we're doing our part to make sure it simple for our customers.

Source: Pioneer Energy

Spark Energy

We are a nation-wide provider of low-cost electricity and natural gas offering significant savings to homes and businesses from California to New York.

Founded in 1999, Spark Energy was one of the early pioneers in the retail energy business. Since then, we have grown to become a nation-wide company of more than 250 employees supplying affordable electricity and natural gas to hundreds of thousands of happy residential and business customers.

Today we continue to leverage the extensive energy experience of our executive team to deliver lower energy costs, a better customer experience and support for the communities we serve. That foundation of savings, service and support is what has allowed us to remain strong and stable during the tough times and thrive during the good. New people are saving with us every day.

Source: Spark Energy

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