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6-Month Fixed Rate Plans
AEP North Service Area

Unlike one-year and two-year plans, six-month plans have historically followed a unique seasonal pattern that depends on whether the contract will include summer months. Typically, the more summer months included in the six-month plan, the higher the average price of the plan.
This pattern was evident in 2011, 2012, and now 2013, with the average price of six-month plans steadily rising all year until mid-summer, and then decreasing in the fall.
Interestingly, in all but five months in 2013, the average price of six-month plans was lower than the average price of one-year plans. Customers who paid the average price for two, consecutive six-month plans would have saved money compared to someone who paid the average price for a one-year plan. 
That may prove to be true again in 2014, but there are no guarantees. Prices for six-month plans may be higher six months from now than one- or two-year plans are today. Still, for the savvy shopper willing to manage their purchases closely, six-month plans may be worth considering.

This chart shows the average price for a six-month fixed-rate plan (excluding 100 percent green energy plans).

Average monthly costs as shown are based on a customer who uses 12,000 kilowatt-hours per year. See "About the Index" in the right column to learn more about how the Index is calculated.

--Bobby Dornbos
AEP North serves Abilene, Alpine, San Angelo and Vernon.

For a map of AEP North's service area and more information, click here.

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