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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Category: Getting Started

Why is my social security number required when signing up for an electric plan?

If I choose to “Get Notified” about electric plans by email from TrueCost, how do I know that I have been registered to receive the emails?

Can two different people register with the same address?

I am unable to register with my home's or small business' address. Is there another way to register on TrueCost?

How do I get started shopping on TrueCost for my home?

Why do you need my permission to get my meter data?

May I manage my CenterPoint Energy gas account on TrueCost, too?

How do I transfer my service from my current residence to a new one?

Why does TrueCost need my meter number?

What is green energy?

I entered the meter number from my bill. Why did TrueCost tell me it was wrong?

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