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Prices staying low, three-month plans on the move
Electric price trends for the end of October 2013

Posted by Bobby Dornbos on 11/01/2013 at 6:13 PM

Electric prices in Texas are staying low in their respective service areas. This week we again highlight the short-term superstars: three-month plans. 

Since our last update, six-monthone- and two-year plans plan prices have remained characteristically low for this time of the year, but three-month plans have continued a steeper decline, dropping nearly $3 a month on average in the last two weeks. Currently, three- and six-month plans are both the statewide low-price leaders, with an average monthly cost of $95.  

From a cost-savings perspective, for some consumers whose plans are expiring, it could be worthwhile to sign up for a three-month plan now, and then look into a six-month plan after that (in February), while six-month prices are typically still low. This would potentially allow those consumers to keep a low-cost plan over the winter and then lock in another relatively low rate that would carry them to the end of the hot, summer months (read: higher prices).  

While this may not be a perfect strategy for your household, it's always a good idea to examine how a specific contract length can affect you when it's time to renew again, good or bad.
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Prices staying low, three-month plans on the move
Electric price trends for the end of October 2013

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