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How much money did it save you on your electric bill last week?
Thanks to a rainy week

Posted by Shane McLaughlin on 07/22/2013 at 6:24 PM

Houston enjoyed some rain and cooler weather last week. I live in Cypress and work downtown, and managed to get rain at one or both locations the past seven days.  

Before smart meters, you'd have to wait a month to see the effect of cooler weather on your electric bill, and it would be hard to see mixed in with the inevitable summer heat over the rest of your monthly billing cycle.

Now, it's easy to see what the savings are.

Here's my meter data so far for June/July (if you've imported your data, you can view it here
Shane meter data June/July 2013
On average, my usage is between 90 and 100 kWh per day, or about $10/day on my current plan.

This past week, beginning July 14, we averaged 66 kWh. The daily showers and mostly cloudy conditions saved us about 30% on what we would normally spend on a summer day's electricity. This rainy week saved my family more than $20!

But that's just me, and Cypress may have gotten more rain than other places. Here's the average for the thousands of TrueCost users whose data rolls in from their smart meters every night:
all of TrueCost July

Most of the days were less than 70kWh, something that hadn't happened any other time in July. In particular, the 17th, which only hit 85 degrees, was the lowest usage day in July at 60 kWh.

So the next time you hear a summer thunderstorm, think about the money you're saving on air conditioning!

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