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TrueCost improves site design for all devices
We're making it even easier to switch

Posted by Shane McLaughlin on 08/22/2013 at 11:52 PM

This past month, 20 percent of TrueCost's visitors were using phones and tablets. In fact, the number of people viewing TrueCost on a mobile phone has doubled since the beginning of 2013.

We've made some big site updates to make shopping for electricity easier while you're on your mobile device. While we were at it, we added some other upgrades that people have asked for. Here are the highlights:

Responsive design
The same page will look different for different users, depending on the size of the screen, and, for phones and tablets, whether you're holding it horizontal or vertical. And, overall, we think the site is more attractive on every screen. For example, people on big screens will see the traditional navigation bar across the top. Small screens will see it collapsed into a drop-down button.

Unlock special plans
Participating electric companies have been adding more plans that unlock for you based on your usage. Once you've created your profile and brought in your data, you can get access to plans for which your usage qualifies you.

All the plans
We took an informal poll by looking at how many times people clicked to see more plans on the shopping page. We went from a single row of 4, to 8, to 12. Now we just show you everything that matches your criteria.

Guest checkout
Previously, if you were shopping as an anonymous user, we would ask you to create an account before signing up for your plan. Of course, most people register so they can import their meter data, but we understand that sometimes you're in a hurry and just want to get it done. Now you can.

Shopping page speed
Visit our shopping page, and play around with the checkboxes for contract lengths and the sliders -- it's much faster.

Commercial plans
TrueCost now lets you view electric plans for businesses before you register. You still need to register and bring in data to get our precision cost estimates, but this at least lets you browse what companies and plans are available. As always, logged-in users will see plans based on the premise they chose, and can switch between premises at any time.

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