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You Got This 24

If you're ready to lock in your electricity rate and rest easy for 2 years, you've come to the right place! Choose our You Got This 24 plan and you'll enjoy freedom from price fluctuations for 2 whole years.

Estimated Bill
Energy Charge $ 72.31
Base Customer Charge 4.95
TDSP Delivery Charge 42.67
TDSP Monthly Charges 5.47
PUC Fees 0.21
Gross Receipts Tax 2.50
Local Sales Tax 1.60
Total $ 129.72
Prices shown are for a typical user in the CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric service area.  Register for a custom quote based on your usage.

This plan has no rewards

Potential Fees and Charges

This plan has a $135.00 fee for early cancellation.

Late Payment: 5%

TrueCost provides you fee information based on input from the Electric Company. Please consult the Electricity Facts Label and Terms of Service for the final word on fees.


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It takes a special electricity company to address the needs of Texans and Texas communities at the level they deserve. As a resident of Lone Star State, you have a competitive nature, look for long-term reliability in the products you buy, and good manners when interacting with others. Here at First Choice Power, we take all those things to heart and deliver them to you in all of our business practices. We offer our customers a range of electricity plans with competitive prices designed to meet the needs of your Texas home or business. Our company was founded in Texas, and we're here to stay, so you can always rely on us and the high quality of the customer service you receive.

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