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Why does TrueCost show rates by monthly and yearly cost in addition to cents-per-kilowatt hour?
The cents-per-kilowatt hour that you see advertised are average costs based on an average customer and household. Unless your usage is exactly the average every month, that's not the true cost of the plan.  In fact, two different users can enroll for the same plan and pay very different amounts per-kilowatt hour, and neither one is the advertised price. With TrueCost, you have an opportunity to download your home's meter information, which is then factored into the rates of the plans shown on the TrueCost site. Your usage information gives a more accurate picture of the costs of various plans you're considering.  Your usage data is typically the key ingredient in getting an accurate estimate of the cost of electric plans and myTrueCost.com can provide that level of detailed information. 
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